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About Us


At Primus Schoolhouse, we believe education must evolve in order to keep up with the demands of the future. Inspired by the Reggio Emilia Project of Northern Italy, our approach to education centre on our image of the child, who is someone competent, curious, social and eager to learn. On this token, our bilingual curriculum and inquiry-based learning approach is geared towards bringing out the best in every child, providing them with opportunities for self-discovery and realizing their full potential, backed with a solid grounding in values.

Programmes & Curriculum

Early Years Curriculum


(18 months to 2 years)
Nursery 1.png
Programme Nursery 1
(2 to 3 years)

The developmentally appropriate Early Years curriculum emphasises the child's holistic development. This includes the child's ability to communicate (verbally and nonverbally) and express themselves creatively, as well as physical, social, and emotional well-being and early numeracy.

Individual child's age and developmental needs are considered while designing experiences that incorporate the development of skills, knowledge and understanding. This provides a foundation for children to learn how to make sense of their world, engage in inquisitive exploration, and interact positively with others, in large and small groups. The programme is designed to spark children’s imagination, creativity, and curiosity while building their confidence and self-management skills.

Preschool Years Curriculum

Nursery 2.png
Nursery 2
(3 to 4 years)
Kindergarten 1.png
Kindergarten 1
(4 to 5 years)
Kindergarten 2.png
Kindergarten 2
(5 to 6 years)

The Preschool Years curriculum lays a foundation for every child to engage in life-long learning through the integration of learning activities in the areas of aesthetics and creative expression, environmental awareness, language and literacy, motor skills development, numeracy, and self-awareness.

To enable a smooth transition to primary school, we expand children's language and literacy skills to include reading, writing, and maths concepts. Instead of simply memorising and regurgitating information, children are facilitated to develop more complex mental processes (higher order thinking skills) and taught how to apply knowledge to demonstrate understanding. Children will develop into active thinkers and problem solvers through a series of inquiry experiences as they delve deeply into them, seek out the answers to their questions, experiment, and analyse their results, and then share their reflections and learning with the class and parents!
Why Primus?

The Building Blocks for Success

Team of Transformational Educators.png
Teams of Transformational Educators
Lowest Teacher-to-child Ratios and Enriching Academic Experiences for Everyone
Cultivating a Love for Literature.png
Reggio-inspired, Inquiry-based Learning Approach
Encouraging Curiosity, Inquisitiveness and Critical Thinking
Harnessing the Character Strengths of Our Learners.png
Values-entrenched Early Childhood Education
Driving Our 5 Core Values: Courage, Creativity, Curiosity, Compassion and Courtesy
An All-Encompassing Education for a Lifetime.png
Bilingual, Bicultural Chinese Programme
Developing Children’s Interest in Chinese
Embracing the Bilingual Experience.png
Supporting Creativity and Exploration
Curating a Wide Array of Enrichment Options with Penn Junior Academy
Supporting Creativity and Exploration.png
Putting The EQ into IQ

Meeting Each Child’s Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Parent Testimonials

My daughter had a lot of fun when she was there. She enjoys the art and sensory. She was very shy initially and the teachers have boosted her confidence tremendously. We saw improvements on her and strongly recommend this school to others.  Mohammad Dzahir
Primus Schoolhouse, River Valley
Highly recommended for your little ones! Our 2.5 year old attended a week-long holiday programme during her vacation from her regular preschool, just before Circuit Breaker. Siva Gopal Thaiyalan
Primus Schoolhouse, Bukit Timah
As the aunt of both kids, Noah and Joel, I can say that they enjoy going Primus Schoolhouse everyday as they learn through many activities with good value.
Rosaline Aquiman
Primus Schoolhouse, River Valley
Great school to take your kids to! Staff are extremely friendly and accommodating.
Gerardo Pittaro
Primus Schoolhouse, River Valley
Ms. Rochelle has helped our Son to improve his confidence in reading and telling the time. When he was a bit behind due to us going on holiday she took time to help him catch up and keep his confidence up as he went through the activities. Ms. Urenee is wonderful, caring and supportive, definitely one of our kids favourite teachers. She makes every effort to keep us up to date and takes excellent care of our daughter, building her self confidence. Ms. Sharma took time to research how to address certain topics with our Daughter and shared this research with us. She also took the time to speak directly with Cara, providing support, guidance and reassurance. Alison, Parent of K1 child
Primus Schoolhouse, River Valley

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