Pre-Nursery and Playgroup

Why Primus Schoolhouse

Reggio-inspired, inquiry-based learning approach

Courage.png The Reggio Emilia Approach® is an educational philosophy that views children to be capable, curious and social beings with myriad ways of expressing themselves, supported by skilled and nurturing facilitators. This is a progressive way of learning with an emergent curriculum that places children at the fore, encouraging curiosity, inquisitiveness and critical thinking, building their confidence to articulate their thoughts. Learning environments are thoughtfully curated to spark children’s curiosity and they are given multiple mediums to share their views. Our skilled educators stand ready to seize every teachable moment, to cultivate in children higher-order thinking and the passion for lifelong learning.

Values-entrenched early childhood education

Creativity.png We provide an environment and institutional culture deeply-rooted in values. In a world dominated by artificial intelligences and technological advances, we view a comprehensive early foundation in values to be essential in ensuring our children remain grounded in the ways of humanity. We can be traditional in our devotion to character-building and we value emotional intelligence and resilience. We are tenacious in driving the inculcation of our 5 core values: Courage, Creativity, Curiosity, Compassion and Courtesy. We help our children to form valuable connections, solve problems and stay ahead of the A.I. knowledge-based revolution.

Bilingual, Bicultural Chinese Programme

Curiosity.png We constantly set sights on the future and look out for skills or exposure that will gear our children for life in 20 years’ time. We are at the same time deeply passionate about Chinese culture and committed to developing children’s interest in Chinese. We do this through an engaging, immersive approach, where learning comes alive through intricate cultural experiences, enthralling stories and enticing environments. Acquisition of the language will be the outcome of our children developing a passion for and delving deeper into this aspect of this 5,000-year-old cultural heritage.

Supporting Creativity & Exploration

Compassion.png We celebrate and model thinking out of the box, in facing day-to-day challenges with unconventional approaches. We seek to broaden minds and allow children to experiment unfettered, unjudged. We provide our children with varied exposures to visual and performing arts, STEM and programming to unleash their creativity. We provide every child the opportunity to discover and develop their interests and talents. Penn Junior Academy, our in-house enrichment arm, curates a wide array of enrichment options to provide children with additional exposure for the opportunity to identify and hone their passion and strengths. 

Team of Transformational Educators

Courtesy.png We have one of the lowest teacher-to-child ratios in the industry to allow a bespoke level of care and meaningful interactions between educators and children. Parents can expect responsive teams who put their hearts into gaining an intimate understanding of your child. Our schools are helmed by enthusiastic and well-trained educators, supported by the Group’s in-house curriculum and quality assurance team, to offer your child the most positive early childhood learning experiences. Our team of educators create a genuine, caring, and dynamic community, where global perspectives enrich the academic experiences for everyone. We set high standards, support one another, and believe our purpose is far greater than just the delivery of knowledge.

Putting the EQ into IQ

Courtesy.png Emotional development is as crucial as school preparation for every child (if not more). Emotional intelligence encompasses awareness, understanding and the ability to express and manage one’s emotions. We provide an environment where each child's emotional needs are met, where they can develop emotional self-regulation and resilience, and form positive relationships with others. We place utmost importance on mental and emotional health.