Pre-Nursery and Playgroup

Our Inspiration


Our pedagogical approach is influenced by the philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Our programme is guided by a few foundational principles:

  • Image of the Child (IOC)
    This is a central tenet of the Reggio Emilia philosophy, which emphasises the importance of a positive view on children.

    🗸 How do we incorporate IOC into our curriculum?
    Primus Schoolhouse believes that each child is a unique, inquisitive, and capable individual who learns best through hands-on experiences, experimentation, and exploration. 

  • Environment as the 3rd Teacher
    The Reggio philosophy holds that a child's environment can act as a "third teacher," giving them a wealth of experiences that foster critical thinking and independence.

    🗸 How do we incorporate Environment as the 3rd Teacher into our curriculum?
    To honour our IOC, we create environments that are rich in opportunities and provocations, inviting children to engage in extensive exploration and problem-solving, etc. often in small groups. 

  • The Hundred Languages of Children
    Allowing children to express themselves is critical, and ‘The 100 Languages’ is a metaphor for the various ways children demonstrate their understanding, learning, and thinking.

    🗸       How do we incorporate the Hundred Languages of children into our curriculum?
    Children are encouraged to demonstrate their learning, thoughts, ideas, and feelings verbally and nonverbally in a variety of ways, including the activities they engage in, the toys they play with, and the objects they construct, to name a few.

Inquiry Mind: Higher Order Thinking (HOT)

Our Inquiry-Mind: Higher Order Thinking (HOT) curriculum objective is to trigger children’s curiosity and scaffold them to think critically by encouraging active participation in the learning process through integrated activities. 

Higher order thinking questions are based on an understanding of how people think in different ways. Thinking abilities can be simple, such as those required for basic memory like recalling, or complex, like those required for processing and in-depth thought such as critical thinking. We help children develop higher order thinking (HOT) abilities by making our curriculum more cognitively challenging, engaging and purposeful. 

Prep for Primary one

Our programme goals and outcomes are guided by the Singapore “
Early Years Development Framework” and “Nurturing Early Learners: A Curriculum Framework for Kindergartens” that focuses on the key learning areas that are integrated for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.