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Preschool Enrichment Class in Singapore: Are They Worth It?


February 10, 2023

Many parents in Singapore wonder if they should sign their children up for preschool enrichment classes. Some even treat it as a necessity.

Indeed, enrolling children in enrichment programmes at a young age will expose them to new things and help to develop their natural interests and strengths outside the traditional classroom setting.

But to truly understand the benefit of enrichment classes, it is best to first acknowledge that these classes are not only for “gifted children”. Every child should be given opportunities that stimulate their learning abilities and problem-solving skills regardless of age or academic ability.

So for parents who are keen on helping their children discover their potential, this article will provide further information on preschool enrichment classes and why they are impactful for young children.

What is an Enrichment class?

Enrichment classes go beyond what children learn in school and provide engaging hands-on activities that enable them to develop their gross motor skills and cognitive ability at their own pace. These stimulating activities could include sports, music, drama, and even phonics classes, which are important for their learning process.

Enrichment VS Tuition Classes: What are the Differences?

As enrichment classes typically focus on a single subject, they are often mistaken as tuition classes. So we’ve come up with a short list of differences to set them apart:

  • Tuition classes focus mainly on academic subjects, while enrichment classes don’t. Academic topics include Science, Mathematics, English, and the Chinese language. On the other hand, subjects for enrichment classes focus on general brain development and are not usually part of a school’s core curriculum.
  • They cater to different needs. Tuition can benefit young learners who are genuinely in need of more individualised help in coping with their studies. Alternatively, enrichment classes are an excellent choice to increase a child’s exposure to different passions and interests beyond their academic classes.
  • Different class sizes. The class size for tuition can range from 1 to 30 students, while class sizes for enrichment programs average between 5 to 20 students. In addition, it’s common for parents to hire private tutors to have flexible 1-on-1 sessions with their children, while enrichment classes tend to be done in a group setting with a specific time and location.

Are Enrichment Classes Worth It?


Regardless of age group, enrichment classes provide many benefits for your child. These include:

  1. Rekindled Love for Learning
    Enrichment classes can spark a children’s curiosity and love of learning. It serves as a great motivation when children are given the freedom to explore their interests freely in a relaxed environment. These enriching experiences also help them find a deeper appreciation for topics they are interested in.

  2. Personal Growth
    Children learn about themselves as they explore new interests. As they discover hidden talents and abilities, children will learn that they are capable of more than they had imagined. Moreover, your child will get to know other children of different ages and backgrounds. As a result, these new peers encourage empathy and acceptance.

  3. Variety of Topics
    During enrichment classes, children engage in new and exciting topics that allow them to build upon their existing knowledge. Children can learn in-depth about topics they are interested in without being limited by the restrictions of a typical classroom. There is more time for students in these classes to ask teachers specific questions, and the teachers usually hold more expertise in their teaching topics.

  4. More Relaxed Atmosphere
    A smaller teacher-to-student ratio in enrichment classes allows teachers to be more flexible in their teaching methods. Teachers are not under pressure to prepare students for exams or to rush through school topics. As a result, enrichment classes enable children to gain self-confidence and new skills in the best environment possible—a stress-free one.

  5. Enhanced Social Skills
    In enrichment classes, children are encouraged to interact and collaborate on hands-on activities. They practice their public speaking skills and learn verbal and nonverbal cues that will be helpful when communicating with their peers and others. As a result of these group activities, students can express themselves, accept criticism from others, and actively improve themselves.

    Enrichment classes are typically fun in nature, which means your child will share experiences with peers their age that will be memorable and enjoyable. Through this, their self-esteem is passively increased, and they are more likely to participate in group activities.

  6. More Educational and Career Options
    Enrichment classes can help your child develop a passion for learning and increase their interest in challenging subjects. Some of these classes may open doors for awards or even scholarships.

What are Examples of Enrichment Activities for Preschoolers?

  1. Art & Design
    Art classes allow children to express themselves, make messes, and explore activities like painting, sculpting, and paper-mâché. In addition to allowing children to experiment with various colours and textures and foster their creativity, art helps children improve their hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

  2. Music & Movement
    Preschool kids love to listen to music. Music enrichment classes allow children to foster better self-control, creativity, coordination, and a lifetime love of music and dance.

  3. Coding and Robotics
    In a digital world that’s constantly evolving, the need for digital literacy skills is more prevalent than ever before. Primus Schoolhouse’s Coding and Robotics enrichment classes enhance young children’s logical thinking and are designed for Singapore’s next generation of tech leaders and innovators.

  4. Dance
    Many programs offer enrichment in music where children are encouraged to express themselves through dance. In addition, many dance studios and education centres offer beginner classes for the preschool crowd. Some of these classes include ballet, hip-hop, and creative dance.

  5. Chinese
    Chinese enrichment classes are structured to give children a head-start in learning the language. While classes in school focus on writing compositions and spelling through drills and practices, enrichment classes introduce spelling and Hanyu Pinyin to children through games, songs, and rhymes, promoting interaction and creativity.

Enrol Your Child in Enrichment Classes at Primus Schoolhouse


Primus Schoolhouse collaborates with Penn Junior Academy to provide academic and non-academic enrichment classes. The academy is committed to providing high-quality enrichment opportunities. These include: 

  • Chinese
  • Music and Movement
  • Coding and Robotics
  • Art & Design
  • Dance

Want to learn more about our enrichment classes? Arrange a visit with us or contact us for more information today!