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A class of preschool children answering a teacher excitedly with bright smiles on their faces

Chinese Enrichment Programme for Preschoolers

A preschool boy and girl are reading a Chinese picture book together

The Primus Schoolhouse Chinese Enrichment Programme gives children a ‘head–start’ In Chinese language learning. Our goal is to build a strong foundation for children. They are encouraged to learn progressively in a systematic manner.

During every lesson, children experience and engage in the four main aspects of the language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Spelling is introduced and Hanyu Pinyin is taught. The children enjoy learning through games, songs and rhymes. Our multi-sensory approach means sessions are filled with opportunities which promote social interaction, hands-on projects and creativity. Primus Schoolhouse is famous for our Character Education Programme and the focus on values during each session supports the children’s growth in this area of their development.

The Chinese enrichment class for preschool programme provide an all-rounded experience, including coverage on MOE syllabus. Our curriculum is updated regularly to keep up with changes in the MOE syllabus, so that the children are confident enough to face new practices or formats at school.

At Primus Schoolhouse, class sizes are limited so as to ensure that each child is given maximum attention throughout the sessions. This is especially important as our overarching aim is to cultivate a love for Chinese language and culture.

Parents are invited to the end-of-term reviews, where they can participate in the learning as the children sing songs, present rhymes, skits, etc. This helps to build their confidence and supports our goal to work in partnership with parents.

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